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Learning the ABC™ First Rib Manoeuver

Having a persons shoulders roll forwards when they relax, and then immediately not roll forwards when the person relaxes after having done the procedure taught below is a level of result that most will tell you is impossible!

Since this information will likely conflict with what you have been previously taught, be open to changing how you think about structural health.

Also, keep in mind that even though the First Rib Manoeuvre™ creates great changes, it is only one small part of the whole Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol. Results are optimal and life changing when the whole ABC™ method is performed.


Take a before picture of yourself prior to watching the video (from the front and the side), even if you must use a mirror.

Then watch the video, do the physical testing on your body and do the manoeuvre on yourself as taught at the end.

You will quickly notice a positive difference. Most people report “more air, and less effort” when breathing. See if you do too.

However, you will not feel as much change as you see in the picture. Why?

Most people think that when their body improves they will feel better. But the reality is that when your body works properly you do not feel the body. 

You will notice your shoulders more back, and the after pictures will show more change than you feel.

► On some bodies the first rib is major mechanical problem. Those people will notice significant changes immediately.

► On other bodies the first rib is less of a mechanical problem, but they have larger mechanical problems elsewhere in the body. These people will also notice changes immediately but they will be less. 

However, everyone getting the entire ABC™ treatment protocol make huge improvements in their structural health within a visit to a few visits, and ultimately recover from their pains and injuries and regain their structural health.

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23 life changing, posture enhancing and practice building minutes

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📸 Don’t forget to take your pre and post pictures 🤳

Please keep in mind that in the pictures below, the instructions were exactly the same“breathe in, breathe out, let your body relax and slump”

Before FRM | After FRM

Before FRM | After FRM | After Full ABC™ Protocol

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