Heel Lifts SET OF S/M/L (Pack Of 10 Sets of Each Size)


Available in three different sizes, heel lifts are placed under both heels of the patients to stabilise the patient’s posture when standing. Heel lifts can be adjusted to three different heights.

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This pack includes 10 sets (sets consist of 2 high and 2 low wedges in each size) of small, medium and large heel lifts in both the 3mm and 6mm sizes. This is the perfect option to have your clinic stocked with all sizes necessary to work with the variety of footwear your patients will present with. 

Heel lifts are placed under the heel inside of your shoes.

Made from a highly durable material that does not yield to the weight of the body, giving sufficient support to better stabilise your posture when standing.

Heel lifts packs come as a set of 10 high (6mm) and 10 low (3mm) wedges in your chosen size – these are in separate bags for your convenience.

Match to the general shoe size – small, medium or large.

(Recommended retail price is £10-15 per pair in your practice – discounts available for members of ABCE)

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Weight .023 kg
Dimensions 11 × 22 cm


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