Online Core Curriculum Program Add-Ons FULL PACKAGE (import duty costs excluded)


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Online Core Curriculum Program Add-Ons

This gives a practitioner the opportunity to add-on to the online training program all the materials and services offered with the original CCP.

It includes the following:

  • ABC™ Essentials Practitioner tools (£350) [Lumbar board, Adjusting Instrument, 1-inch wedge, Seat Belt, Hand Protector]
  • Unlimited phone consultation time and technical support for a year (£180)
  • Original physical materials – Manuals 1 & 2 plus Updates, CDs & DVDs (£220) – PLEASE ALLOW 7-10 DAYS FOR YOUR MATERIALS TO ARRIVE. THERE WILL BE AN IMPORT DUTY TO PAY UPON ARRIVAL AS THESE GOODS SHIP FROM THE USA. The ABC Essentials Practitioner tools ship from the UK and deliveries to UK countries will not be subject to additional taxes. Deliveries to mainland European countries may be subject to the import duty of the country that you chose to ship to – this would be payable upon the arrival of the goods. 

Email for further details.