STUDENT Seminar Attendance – use this to pay for your 2nd+ Workshop in same Calendar Year


Are you interested in…

  • Immediate and lasting postural improvements
  • Changing fixed structural patterns
  • A unique manual adjusting technique
  • A highly practical seminar with hands-on tuition
  • Continued support from instructors as you implement it into practice

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How to learn the ABC™ method

Step one is to attend a basic seminar. We split the basic seminar into two streams.

STREAM 1 is for beginners learning the technique for the first time. It strongly focuses on anterior adjusting for postural improvement and is open to all beginner students. In just two days you will learn a full body ‘posture focussed’ adjusting protocol that you can implement on Monday morning to start truly fixing body structure problems. You will have access to ongoing support from the ABC™ Instructors.

STREAM 2 is for more experienced ABC™ practitioners and repeat attendees. During this seminar, we will help you refine your anterior adjusting skills and teach the Meningeal Releases, a vital aspect of the ABC protocol. A yearly stream 2 basic workshop attendance is required for all ABC practitioners to remain certified. You can learn all about the certification levels here.

Here is our list of 2023 seminars:

If you have any questions about which seminar ticket/date/type you should attend please email and we will help you.

What you will learn…

  • Learn a full-body protocol that allows you to significantly impact posture and function from the very first visit
  • Learn how to make rapid, lasting and powerful changes to the Nervous System
  • Learn how to wow your patient with results they can see and feel
  • Learn how to educate your patients on reducing the effects of prolonged sitting and poor sleeping ergonomics

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July 17/18th 2021 London, UK


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