Mattress – Custom Sizing Options

The ABCE mattress has been designed by ABC™ practitioners to support the alignment of their patients. The Support of Latex Meets the Cushioning Comfort of Wool to Create the Rolls Royce of Bedding! This mattress will provide your body with the support it needs for you to sleep the whole night through. The ABCE mattress is made from a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic latex to create the ultimate blend of comfort and support. This type of mattress is not available elsewhere. Other natural latex mattresses on the market have been found to be too soft to support optimal spinal health, that is why we created this mattress. It serves a very specific purpose and meets an important need of blending sufficient support with optimal comfort. This mattress has a natural carbon fire retarding layer. It is naturally breathable and will keep you cool and. comfortable at night. This mattress will last a minimum of 10 years but could last up to 20. It has a removable organic cotton cover (which can be machine washed). Made in London, UK We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. A full refund will be issued as long as the mattress is returned in the same condition, undamaged in any way. Please note:
  • the mattress pictured is an example of a queen size mattress – the ABCE™ mattress looks different to the one pictured, it is approximately 7 inches thick
  • base and accessories shown in the image are not included in the purchase price
Delivery details:
  • the mattress is manufactured to order and takes between 4-5 weeks to be made and delivered. Delivery includes help with installing the mattress in your chosen room.


Additional Product Information

Only go to certified ABCTM practitioners on this list. We get complaints on occasion that ABCTM does not do what I promise. These complaints are routed to me.
When tracing down who the practitioners are, I find a few common things with the practitioners. Often they are people who took one ABC™ seminar long ago and are now doing… who knows what, but it is not ABC™. There are also people who do not follow the ABC™ directions because they think something else will work better. Some of them are practitioners who never took the course or seminar and are saying they are doing ABC™ when they are not.
We at ABC™ International can only assure the quality of certified practitioners. Others claiming to be doing ABC™ are just plain lying to you. Many people say that is harsh and I should soften the statement. However, it is just lying if they say they are doing ABC™ and are not. I am known for being both truthful and direct so I see no need to soften the statement and allow others to ruin the reputation of ABC™ in this way.
Practitioners who do not continue their training have shown by actual physical experience to have their ABC™ skills deteriorate with time, so please do not go to a practitioner who is not certified even if they say they are an ABC™ practitioner.
People from all over the world hear me say this and show up here in my office to get ABC™ from me and find their issues quickly disappear because I, and the practitioners who maintain their certification (and the ongoing training that is required), perform correct ABC™ protocol.
Additionally, you need to ask the practitioner to do straight ABC™ for you and not to mix other modalities with it. This is the only way that you will know if ABC™ is working. And if you are not getting the results I promise you will not be able to determine the reason.
if you have any questions about the type of provider you are seeing or searching for please feel free to ask us at