Learning ABC™ is a simple process. In fact a single weekend will give most attendees enough insight and skill to get well under way.

Everyone starts with the ABC™ Basic Seminar. You’ll learn the why, when and how of all ABC™ adjustments. It’s a very hands-on weekend. You’ll get to practice every manoeuvre, under supervision, multiple times.

After implementing your new skills in your office, the next step is to do a refresher. A refresher with a difference. On your return, you’ll be part of the break-out ‘Meningeal Release’ group to learn the deep, dynamic spinal stretches that enhance and complete the ABC™ protocol.

You will learn:
  • Learn a full-body protocol that allows you to significantly impact posture and function from the very first visit
  • Learn how to make rapid, lasting and powerful changes to the Nervous System
  • Learn how to wow your patient with results they can see and feel
  • Learn how to educate your patients on reducing the effects of prolonged sitting and poor sleeping ergonomics

Wishing to take your ABC™ to the next level? Advanced Seminars unpack a deeper level of understanding and technical excellence. Prerequisites apply.