Provider Insurance


ABCE is pleased to be partnered with BGI.UK provides fully trained and certified ABC practitioners with comprehensive medical malpractice (up to £5 million) and business insurance.

BGI can cover technicians/practitioners of all backgrounds to provide ABC treatment to the public.

BGI.UK is uniquely placed to provide insurance for ABC practitioners because ABCE have made sure that they have a full and comprehensive understanding of how ABC treatments are carried out; including Meningeal Releases and Endonasal Cranial Correction.

If you are a certified level 1 (or above) ABC professional, you can apply here

The costs vary depending upon your profession. As examples

The cost for a trained ABC Technician to practice full ABC including Endonsal Cranial Correction is £330 per annum.

The cost for a trained Chiropractor ABC Practitioner to practice full ABC including Endonsal Cranial Correction and whatever other modalities and techniques they are qualified to use if is £692.77 per annum.

You can contact BGI.UK directly to find out your exact cost, or simply complete the application form and they will get in touch with you.

BGI.UK insurance comes in the form of a membership that includes various other benefits, which can be found on their key-facts page.

If you have questions about becoming adequately insured to practice ABC professionally, please email: